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I have always been an inspired film maker! That's why I have been in Video production so long. When I was in Jr. Hi and High school I used to produce movies on film..(What's That) with My brothers super 8 movie Camera  with sound mind you. The Neighborhood kids would always work as my actors and crew. I have been to Los Angeles where I was lucky enough to be an extra on Seinfeld back in 1993,  other than that I was just another face in a very large crowd!  When Atlanta jumped into the film business I felt like I at least I had to try. So 30 yrs later in my 50s I decided why not!

I stayed with my sister who lives north of Atlanta and had quite auditions and a few bit parts including playing a Cop on a Tyler Perry show and a Pilot in a Hugh Jackman Movie.

I realized to really make it in "The Business" it requires every ounce of dedication humanly possible and being extremely lucky!!!!

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